Yarrrrgh Pirate Night!

DEF CON Arts & Entertainment Presents: Yarrrrgh Pirate Night featuring O’Craven

Join us Saturday night (Aug 12) at the SYN Stage in Caesars Forum for “Yarrrrgh Pirate Night”, which is our answer to last year’s Night of the Ninjas. At 23:00, we feature the pirate rock band O’Craven.

Contest – Win the cost of a DEF CON Badge – $440!

It’s your turn to participate! We seek the best dressed as a pirate! Dust off your costume or make a new one – just show up – it’s supposed to be fun! The winner will receive a cash prize equal to the cost of the DEF CON 31 badge. The pirate band will judge the costumes and help choose a winner.
Contest on the stage immediately following O’Craven at 00:00.

About O’Craven

O’CRAVEN is Northern California’s best and most infamous Celtic Pirate Rock band! Anchored in San Jose, California, O’Craven plunders all along the West Coast, from the sunny shores of Southern California, to the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest, and all points in between. Originally conceived in 2006, O’Craven was the first band to combine the genres of traditional Celtic music, pirate sea shanties and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Since then, others have come and gone, but none can do it better, or have the reputation and long history of delivering such an exciting, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind show.

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