It was all going smoothly… Till it wasn’t.

Update 12 July 2022 : New channel is now live.

—Original story follows below—

Many of you know about our Twitch channels ( | Launched in2020 we began streaming on two channels to bring DEF CON tunes to you living room Recently we have lost the defcon_music channel.

Yup we pissed off twitch..

Playback of our archived sets from DEF CON’s past in a 24/7 ” Radio Style ” was frowned upon by the twitch gods. Our main account ( defcon_music ) now has a indefinite ban ( o7 RIP o7). And honestly we don’t disagree with the decision. We played with fire and got burned.

We have appealed and pleaded our case to reinstate the account, Lessons have been learned. But , we are hoping for a second chance. As with most services on the internet we aren’t holding our breath on any human seeing our appeals letter.

Into the bin with that letter

While this is a great loss, We are determined to stream on twitch during DEF CON. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes we will be renaming defcon_chill to :


This is a really good thing . First, this name change will help keep us aligned with the official DEF CON channel ( DEFCONorg ). And since the chill account has been streaming for around 2 years now it already has affiliate status ! Meaning we can continue donating our twitch earnings to on top of bringing back all our channel emotes!

We will be streaming only during our event to reduce the possibility of angering the twitch gods… Again.

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