Magician Kody Hildebrand

DEF CON welcomes Kody Hildebrand! He is a professional magician/sleight of hand artist who has been dazzling audiences of all sizes for nearly a decade. Based in Connecticut, there’s not a day that goes by where Kody doesn’t have at least a deck of cards in his hands so he can practice and learn new techniques. He has always been fascinated by the ideology surrounding both card cheats and comedians, so he put the two together and created his show that has taken him all over the country and even to parts of Canada to perform for audiences as large as 500 people; he performs on his livestreams for thousands at a time! So don’t waste another second, and come see the magic and sleight of hand of Kody Hildebrand!

Kody Hildebrand

Kody will be performing every evening at 18:00-19:00 at the Chillout Ballroom! Come have a drink and watch some slight of hand fun and be there when the music starts for the night!

Kody Hildebrand

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